New Group BPO
New Group BPO // Customised Data Generation and Cleaning
New Group BPO // Customer Experience Measurement

What We Do

New Group BPO will become an extension of your business process functions.

We specialise in: Data Cleaning; Customised Data Generation; Customer Experience Measurement (telephonic CSAT / NPS Surveys); Lead Generation and Appointment Setting.

We work within a sophisticated environment where we are passionate about creating and maintaining a culture of high level client engagement and service delivery.

New Group BPO // Database Cleaning

Database Cleaning

Does your company have valuable databases that are slowly becoming inaccurate? We can become an integral part of your Database Hygiene Process. Our specialists will work with your data – amending or removing data that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated.

New Group BPO // Customised Database Generation

Customised Database Generation

Do you need a specialised database of customers that is difficult to purchase from data suppliers? It is a common challenge that 50-60% if data is incorrect. We develop accurate databases through the process of qualifying and filtering data based on your specific requirements.

New Group BPO // Apointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Do you find that your sales team does not have the time / skills to set up appointments? We can set up appointments on behalf of your company (and source a targeted database). We are also able to manage the diaries of your sales team – reporting on meetings set, meetings rescheduled / attended / cancelled, quality of meetings based on client feedback post-interaction.

New Group BPO // Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Is establishing interest in your product or service a challenge? We are able to contact prospects for your sales team, establishing interest based on product/service USP’s – passing the lead on to your staff.

New Group BPO // Customer Experience Measurement

Customer Experience Measurement

Is it important for you to find out what your customers feel about your product / service? Through NPS / CSAT surveys we are able to give you, as marketers and business owners, insight that you can use to improve your business, products and /or overall customer experience



“Our relationship with New Group BPO (formerly known as Archer) has evolved to a strong partnership, this is because of their dedication to securing quality results for us. Their commitment to delivering quality leads in unmatched and we have since realised huge returns on telemarketing campaigns run by New Group BPO…”

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“New Group BPO (formerly known as Archer) proved to be an exceptionally valuable resource to our organisation. The quality of appointments that were set were consistently aligned with our strategic objectives and resulted in valuable opportunities for growth. In return the professionalism they display at all times was infallible…”

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Career Junction

“Career Junction appointed New Group BPO (formerly known as Archer) to “open doors” to a target market as part of a new product launch. They met our expectation in terms of delivering a personalized service for our customized solution. At every point that we connected with them, the experience was consistent…”

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